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Docket Books

Busy hospitality premises go through hundreds of duplicate dockets per day. Serving hundreds of customers, processing separate orders for each customer, or changing an order – there are plenty of practicalities which mean your staff can burn through these books like kindling. Thanks to bencorp, there’s a convenient solution that allows you to buy docket books whilst keeping your budget in check.

We stock a variety of different designs and formats to suit different premises. Whether you run a takeaway shop, a coffee bar or a fine dining establishment, you’ll find a bencorp product to suit. Looking for a cheaper option for your local takeaway store? Our takeaway solutions are smart and simple, featuring handy details like customer number slips. Need detailed delivery docket books for your staff? We’ve got plenty of suitable options. For example, the Basic Quadruplicate docket books mean that everyone involved – cook, cashier, delivery person, and customer – can have a copy.

How to buy the right docket books for your business

Not sure which style to get? Here are a few things to remember:

  • Work out how many people need to have a copy of the docket. The kitchen and cashier will need copies in a dine-in environment. For delivery and premises where beverages/food are delivered separately – e.g. some coffee shops – more copies may be needed.
  • Takeaway docket books should have a customer number or blank space to write a name, to avoid mix-ups with similar orders.

Other things to keep in mind

When you’re on the hunt to pick out the right option for your business, ensure you’ve got all staff catered for. Just like the above dotpoints, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Will you require a solution that caters for long opening hours? Larger varieties may be a critical feature you’ll end up needing.
  • How many workstations or departments are involved in your business? Essentially, you may find you’ll need additional ones for each additional station included in your operations.
  • Will you need carbon or carbonless versions?

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