Our table booking diaries feature a check column for confirmation of bookings and Two pages per day – one for lunch and one for dinner. A good table bookings diary would outline the public and school holiday dates so that any staff member taking bookings is reminded of these periods during the year. Furthermore, additional comments spacing means that customer notes can be easily made and kept in one place. Here are some key advantages of paper based table bookings diaries:

  1. Large and Spacious Pages to Record all Booking Details in One Place
  2. Easy to Use for All Staff
  3. A Hassle Free and Simple System, No Need to Worry about System Issues and delays.
  4. Durable Hardcover to Withstand Knocks and Bumps Through the Year
  5. Record Bookings in Detail Making Great Customer Service Easy for Your Staff

Planning your bookings using a restaurant diary will ultimately ensure higher revenue. By avoiding overbooking and recording precise details your wait staff is more likely to deliver a high degree of customer service, which will ensure repeat clients. So when considering a table booking method, stick to paper based. It works! See our 2015 Table Booking Diary here .

And why use Bencorp? Bencorp proudly supports and promotes Australasian manufacturing. In fact, our docket books and restaurant diary is locally sourced and made. Check out the rest of the bencorp website to learn more about our full line of quality hospitality supplies.

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