5 Key Advantages of Table Bookings Diaries

Our table booking diaries feature a check column for confirmation of bookings and Two pages per day – one for lunch and one for dinner. A good table bookings diary would outline the public and school holiday dates so that any staff member taking bookings is reminded of these periods during the year. Furthermore, additional comments spacing means that customer notes can be easily made and kept in one place. … Read More →

SAVE MONEY on your supplies… But don’t compromise on quality. Why?

The importance of purchasing quality hospitality supplies Hospitality supplies are crucial to your business in more ways than you might have thought and regrettably many Café and Restaurants owners have learned the hard way. While it is tempting to cut costs on such necessities as docket books and register rolls by purchasing cheaper and lower quality supplies, such decisions could end up impacting the business instead of helping it in … Read More →

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new and improved bencorp website. We hope that our latest website changes help to make your online experience even easier and more efficient. Here at bencorp we are very excited to reveal not only our new website and its features, but also our added products! Bencorp provides a wide variety of products to the hospitality industry. These include: * Docket Books                                              * Restaurant Diaries * Function … Read More →

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