The importance of purchasing quality hospitality supplies

Hospitality supplies are crucial to your business in more ways than you might have thought and regrettably many Café and Restaurants owners have learned the hard way. While it is tempting to cut costs on such necessities as docket books and register rolls by purchasing cheaper and lower quality supplies, such decisions could end up impacting the business instead of helping it in the long run.

Here are the TOP 3 REASONS why it’s so important for businesses to purchase quality hospitality supplies instead of trying to save costs with cheaper alternatives, AND HOW TO Save Money on your supplies.

  1. The quality of your supplies will reflect on your business

The hospitality industry is vastly becoming a core part of consumer’s social experience. A consumer walks into a café or restaurant and is taking selfies with the name in the background, and tagging there location. Not to mention rating the food and service all in a 1 hour seating!

When it comes to hospitality supplies such as docket books and register rolls it is easy to assume that your customers will not notice the kind of products that you use.  But what they do notice is the lack of service. Take this example, the waitress delivers the drinks to the table and instead of a coke zero brought a coke. The bar-person got the drinks order wrong, the customer doesn’t care that he couldn’t read the duplicate copy of from the docket book rip out. They got it wrong.

When you use high quality products, it reflects on your business and most importantly your customer service. Reducing your costs by purchasing lower quality hospitality supplies might save you some money in the short term, but the reputation it will cost you in the long run, and dotted across social media and internet reviews, is ultimately, not worth it.


  1. Buy Local and uphold your quality establishment

If you have gone to all the trouble to market your restaurant or café as a quality establishment, only to present your customers with receipts that have been printed on visibly cheap, low quality register rolls, for example, they will almost certainly notice.

There are ways to get affordable items without compromising on the quality! One particular way would be to find a local hospitality supplier and get the items you need in bulk! Bulk buying will save you money as most shops as well as suppliers provide discount rates if you purchase their goods in bulk.

  1. Buy Online

A different way to save money on quality Hospitality Supplies would be to get them online. The majority of merchandise marketed on the web are less expensive than those in stores. There are also good quality items online offered at less expensive costs due to the lower overheads incurred. Take time to research for quality and not cheap products, often products made in New Zealand or Australia will be much better quality than those coming from Asia.

Bencorp has an extensive range of high quality hospitality supplies like register rolls and docket books. For more information about our other products, click here to contact one of our friendly staff.


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